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Our prime location offers our guests both a quiet living campsite and ease of getting around. Within a few blocks, bars and restaurants can be reached within walking distance. Grocery stores and museums are also nearby. 

The best about living in West Yellowstone is that we have the best nature sites just around the town, the lake, the mountains, the horse riding trails...and of course, the world-famous Yellowstone National Park is just a few minutes away.

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We have a couple of nearby ranches that offer horseback riding trips. They offer different trails with different views, just need to make sure that they have put your reservation down and you are ready to go!

Wild West Yellowstone Rodeo & Creek Side Trail Rides

Parade Rest Guest Ranch

The Diamond P Ranch


This is the best part of  Montana after all, enjoy the easy access to everything outdoor including mountain biking.

Big Sky resort offer chair lift in the summer for mountain biking, make sure to check it out if you have the time!

Trails nearby West Yellowstone


Many people come here not just for the Yellowstone geysers, but to experience the world-class fly fishing. There are a few fly shops in town that offer fishing trips and fishing gear rental.  Their availability varies due to the time of year and weather conditions. Schedule early if you need a guide.

Madison River Outfitters

Arrick's Fly Shop

Big Sky Anglers

Jacklin's Outfitters



If your time allows, rafting is a must-do during your Yellowstone trip. Allow at least half a day for rafting as most trips take a couple of hours, some might take even more. The best time to raft is from June to August due to the melting snow from glaciers and mountains nearby.

Montana Whitewater Rafting Co - Gallatin River

Geyser Whitewater Expeditions

Yellowstone Aerial Adventures- Zipline Adventure Park

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